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Gift Certificates

Ideal for holiday gifts, birthdays, anniversaries as well as employees and business clients. Our certificates can be used to pay for all salon services and retail products.

Gift Certificates can either be printed or emailed to your recipient. Gift Certificates are not refundable for cash, only store credit.

Services & Prices

Women’s Haircut 25 & Up
Children’s Haircut 15 & Up (8 yo and younger)
Haircut, style & Finish 45 & Up
Blo Style & Finish 35 & Up
Straight Thermal Styling 15 & Up
Curl Thermal Styling 35 & Up
Updo 65 & Up
Additional Style Charge 10 & Up

Chemical Services

Base Color 45 & Up
Full Color 65 & Up
Hairline Color Retouch 25 & Up
Artistic Color 85 & Up
Color Balancing 55 & Up
Highlight or Lowlight Half Head 75 & Up
Highlight or Lowlight Full Head 125 & Up
Highlight or Lowlight Individual $5 As Add on Service(Up to
seven foils)
Toner 35 & Up
Gloss 35 & Up
Ombre/Balayage/Corrective color- 10 & Up

Texture Services

Relaxer 70 & Up
Textures 50 & Up
Keratin 150 & Up
Botox Treatment 120 & Up

Therapy Services

Cuticle Sealant Treatment 25
Revitaluxe Treatment Masque 25
Moisture Treatment Masque 25
Dual Therapeutic System- DTS 35
Botox Treatment Condition 35
Volume & Mosture Treatment 35
Sweing Hair Extensions 190 & Up
Each Braid 40 & Up
Microlinks Hair Entensions 55 & Up per line

Spa & Waxing

Manicure 12 & Up
Pedicure 25 & Up
Waxpedi 35 & Up
Waxnani 20 & Up
Complete Facial Wax Package 40 & Up
Brow Design 15 & Up
Chin 10 & Up
Lip 10 & Up

Dominican Hair Salon Davie FL

Dominican hair salon you need. We have experience creating a wide range of incredible hair styles for people with all textures of hair. Whether your hair is curly, kinky, or straight, we know exactly what to do to make it look its best. You can select a style from our endless list or tell us exactly what you want. Either way we will make you look great. We’re a Dominican hair salon, so diversity is our trademark.

Whether you want us to work with your natural hair or put in a relaxer, we have the products, tools, and well-trained, licensed, experienced stylists to do just that. We can offer you anything from a traditional wash and set to the most exotic hair style imaginable. We are the best Dominican hair salon in Davie FL when it comes to enhancing your curl, or straightening and setting your hair. We will have you walking around Davie FL looking like a goddess.

No hair salon in Davie FL has better hair care products or more creative hair stylists than we do. Want a traditional Dominican wash and set with no flat ironing, no hot combs, and no blow drying that’s past ½ inch from your roots? No problem. We are experts in traditional Dominican hair care techniques. However, our stylists are well-versed in the latest, most innovative American hair care techniques as well. You can search all over Davie FL but you won’t find a Dominican hair salon better prepared to take care of your hair than we are. We are the Dominican hair salon in Davie FL that is dedicated to giving you a stylish, healthy, head of hair.

Hair Salon Davie FL

Looking to express your personality with a brand new hair style? Looking for a hair salon with uber talented hair stylists? Visit Sammy’s Beauty Salon in Davie FL. The professional stylist at this hair salon will give you a new look and have you looking spectacular in no time. Our professional hair stylists can help you pick out the best hair style that would suit you and add some flavor to your look.

We are conveniently located in Davie FL, relatively close to the Fort Lauderdale area. Sammy’s is a beauty parlor where everyone can enjoy their great services. Here is some more information on Sammy’s Beauty Salon in Davie FL. Nowadays, many people love to express their personality by changing or adding things to their looks in order to create more styles. One way people express themselves is by changing up their hairstyles.

At Sammy’s Beauty Salon everyone is welcomed to get their hair done. We offer many different services for all hair textures! The hair stylists at Sammy’s also have great and positive attitudes, which allows all customers to feel welcome and become repeat customers.

Overall, Sammy’s Beauty Salon located Davie FL where all customers are welcome and be assured that they will experience great results and feel unique. Most importantly, customers can be sure that after they visit Sammy’s Beauty Salon, they will have a different and new look that will spice up and express their personality.

Nail Salon Davie FL

Nail salons are a great place to go to relax and be pampered a bit. If you live in Davie, FL, there is a quality nail salon that is convenient to you. Located in Sammy’s Beauty Salon, the nail salon in Davie FL services here are not only convenient, but also affordable and of great quality. We provide great services combined with excellent customer service to make every one of our clients happy. In addition to our great services, we provide spa days during the weekend for birthdays and special occasions for all ages. Our licensed nail technicians can tend to your needs.

We are committed to perfection. We strive for this goal because a happy customer is a repeat customer. Visit our Davie FL nail salon and get pampered by one of our experienced and friendly staff. Whether you are looking for nails for a big event or just for the work week, our salon in Davie, FL is available to meet all your needs. You can inquire of specials at this location when receiving your mani and/or pedi. Check us out in Sammy’s Beauty Salon. We guarantee you will be satisfied with our services.

Weight Loss

*All Weight Loss, Cellulite Reduction, and Body Contouring treatments are non-invasive, and involve no injections or pills. We use natural techniques most commonly used in Europe and South America.

Vacuum Therapy: $100 per session · 60 min $80 with Package Price (Min. 3 Sessions)

A non-invasive suction technique that is used around the world for reducing the appearance of cellulite. Vacuum Therapy is considered to be the best shaping alternative for the buttocks, thighs, knees, arms and stomach, lifting the cellulite away from the muscle to promote blood flow and stimulate lymphatic drainage. Combined with Galvanic Current or Cryotherapy, Vacuum Therapy is the best shaping alternative to improve body toning. To achieve long-lasting effects, the treatment should be performed in a series.

Cryotherapy Wraps: $30

Cryotherapy is a cold treatment therapy most commonly used for tightening the skin and cellulite reduction. The treatment also improves body circulation, balances metabolism, and detoxifies the body.

Detox Thermal Body Therapy: 45 to 60 min – $80

Eliminate body toxins and refresh with Seaweed, herbal oils, and heat as your body stimulates blood flow, increasing oxygen and detoxifying the body.


This treatment targets cellulite and localized fat deposits. Helps sculpt in modeling treatments.


Slim off inches, reduce water retention and dramatically reduce cellulite. Detoxifies and minimizes fat while toning and tightening the skin.


If you’re looking for immediate healthy and radiant skin, this is the treatment for you! By removing the top layer of dead epidermis cells, your skin will appear smoother and less wrinkled.


Extend your tan and prepare for the colder weather using natural shea butter to deeply moisturize your entire body. Enjoy this ancient treatment and feel your skin become young again.


Exclusive VIB treatment – 40 MINUTES $50

The VIB treatment for your hands and feet. Dry hands? Tired feet?You will feel like a new person in only 40 minutes. Includes exfoliation, cleansing, massage, then wrapped in L’olio Miracoloso.

Microlink Hair Extensions

Microlinks hair extensions are the hottest thing on the hair extension market and for good reason. This method of applying hair extension is the only one that does not demand the use of glue, braiding, heat application, chemical use and sewing clearly making it a healthier method of apply hair extensions to your natural hair. This ensures that there is minimal damage done to the person’s natural hair and that the results are natural looking and allow for easy styling. They are as gorgeous as your own natural healthy hair and yet the length that you really want.

The microlink hair extensions allow for ease in swimming and washing the hair. They are so natural looking that it will be hard for friends to see that you have extensions at all. These extensions can remain in your hair for 8 weeks with no issues. After this point it is recommended that they be removed or adjusted to avoid any damage to your natural hair. This is one of the healthiest ways to show your personality while caring for your own hair. This choice will leave you feeling as though you have made a complete confirmation and left knowing that you can go back to the original hair at a later point.
Choosing microlinks hair extensions is a great way to change your look while keeping in mind the health of your hair. By using microlinks hair extensions you will be able to reach the glamorous looking you are seeking while not sacrificing your natural hair in the process. This process can be safely done by a professional that will walk you through the process and give you an idea of how long it will take to accomplish. we can answer any questions or concerns you might have

Micro ring hair extensions are tiny colored attachments. These are colored so that they can be matched up with each person’s natural hair color, making it look like they are a part of the original head of hair. People standing next to you when you have the microlinks hair extensions in will never know that you are wearing them. They are put in close to the scalp making them virtually invisible and allowing for ease in styling. They cannot be seen without great care in looking. Nobody will know that it is not your own natural hair unless you want to give away that information.