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Microlink Hair Extensions

Microlinks hair extensions are the hottest thing on the hair extension market and for good reason. This method of applying hair extension is the only one that does not demand the use of glue, braiding, heat application, chemical use and sewing clearly making it a healthier method of apply hair extensions to your natural hair. This ensures that there is minimal damage done to the person’s natural hair and that the results are natural looking and allow for easy styling. They are as gorgeous as your own natural healthy hair and yet the length that you really want.

The microlink hair extensions allow for ease in swimming and washing the hair. They are so natural looking that it will be hard for friends to see that you have extensions at all. These extensions can remain in your hair for 8 weeks with no issues. After this point it is recommended that they be removed or adjusted to avoid any damage to your natural hair. This is one of the healthiest ways to show your personality while caring for your own hair. This choice will leave you feeling as though you have made a complete confirmation and left knowing that you can go back to the original hair at a later point.
Choosing microlinks hair extensions is a great way to change your look while keeping in mind the health of your hair. By using microlinks hair extensions you will be able to reach the glamorous looking you are seeking while not sacrificing your natural hair in the process. This process can be safely done by a professional that will walk you through the process and give you an idea of how long it will take to accomplish. we can answer any questions or concerns you might have

Micro ring hair extensions are tiny colored attachments. These are colored so that they can be matched up with each person’s natural hair color, making it look like they are a part of the original head of hair. People standing next to you when you have the microlinks hair extensions in will never know that you are wearing them. They are put in close to the scalp making them virtually invisible and allowing for ease in styling. They cannot be seen without great care in looking. Nobody will know that it is not your own natural hair unless you want to give away that information.