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Dominican Hair Salon Davie FL | Dominican Hair Salon Davie FL | Sammys Beauty Salon

If you are looking for the best Dominican hair salon in Davie FL, you’ve come to the right place. We are the only Dominican hair salon you need. We have experience creating a wide range of incredible hair styles for people with all textures of hair. Whether your hair is curly, kinky, or straight, we know exactly what to do to make it look its best. You can select a style from our endless list or tell us exactly what you want. Either way we will make you look great. We’re a Dominican hair salon, so diversity is our trademark.

Whether you want us to work with your natural hair or put in a relaxer, we have the products, tools, and well-trained, licensed, experienced stylists to do just that. We can offer you anything from a traditional wash and set to the most exotic hair style imaginable. We are the best Dominican hair salon in Davie FL when it comes to enhancing your curl, or straightening and setting your hair. We will have you walking around Davie FL looking like a goddess.

No hair salon in Davie FL has better hair care products or more creative hair stylists than we do. Want a traditional Dominican wash and set with no flat ironing, no hot combs, and no blow drying that’s past ½ inch from your roots? No problem. We are experts in traditional Dominican hair care techniques. However, our stylists are well-versed in the latest, most innovative American hair care techniques as well. You can search all over Davie FL but you won’t find a Dominican hair salon better prepared to take care of your hair than we are.

We are the Dominican hair salon in Davie FL that is dedicated to giving you a stylish, healthy, head of hair.